As part of its efforts to embrace a culture of inclusion, Northeastern Illinois University is conducting a campus climate and culture assessment to evaluate its living, learning and working environment. The assessment will allow NEIU to improve its campus climate by addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities identified in the assessment. Approved by the Board of Trustees, Office of the President, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Student Affairs and Office of Procurement, the NEIU climate study is now a reality.

An outside consultant, , which has conducted more than 200 similar studies at other institutions across the nation, was chosen to assist in facilitating this process. A Working Group and an Ambassador Group were selected to help oversee the project. The findings from this survey will help NEIU to create and maintain a healthy, inclusive environment for all.

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  • Tuition remission — 1 class @ 3 credit hours
  • Apple Watches — 2
  • NEIU Hooded Sweatshirts — 50
  • $25 gift cards to NEIU bookstore — 10
  • $10 NEIU dining hall gift cards — 10


  • Paid Parking Pass for six months gold level — 1 for staff/1 for faculty
  • $10 coffee gift cards — 10 for staff/10 for faculty

Participation through Feb. 27

Undergraduate Student


Graduate Student


Tenured Faculty/Resource Professional


Tenure-Track Faculty/Resource Professional


Faculty Non-Tenure Track


Administrator with Faculty Rank


Administrator without Faculty Rank/Non-Negotiated


Academic Support Professionals


Civil Service Staff