We foster excellent faculty and student research and will help you engage with entrepreneurs to gain real-world experience. In an increasingly global business climate, the College brings an eclectic world-view to the classroom that is unique among Chicago area universities.

The College of Business and Management prepares you for a successful career in business or for further study at the graduate level. The College of Business and Management at Northeastern Illinois University is accredited by . 

老湿网老湿机福利视频_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴精品_高清美女视频亚洲免费_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴The College offers the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Accounting, Finance, General Business Administration, Management, and Marketing; the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree; and the Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.) degree. Minors are also available for undergraduates in Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing.

老湿网老湿机福利视频_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴精品_高清美女视频亚洲免费_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴In keeping with the cultural diversity that is a hallmark of Northeastern, our faculty have come to the University from all corners of the globe, including China, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Nigeria, Taiwan, as well as the U.S.

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