Welcome to the Office of International Programs! 

Since 1996 Our staff has been here to serve you.  

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  • International students who come to NEIU to earn a bachelor's or master’s degree, and then stay to do Optional Practical Training (OPT);  

  • Exchange students from our 40+ partner universities; 

  • NEIU students who wish to study abroad, either for a full semester, for a summer program, or on a short study tour led by NEIU faculty; 

  • 老湿网老湿机福利视频_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴精品_高清美女视频亚洲免费_青娱乐极品视觉盛宴Visiting scholars and other international guest;  

  • NEIU faculty who wish to internationalize their research and/or teaching 

Everything we do reflects Northeastern’s commitment to maintaining an internationalized campus and curriculum so that NEIU students are prepared to function effectively in the global society of the twenty-first century.  

How Can We Help

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General questions should be directed to C. Gonzalez at +1-773-442-4796 or international-programs@mamba3.com